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How to buy

First of course you need to choose a suitable property which answers to your requirements and criteria.
Reservation of a particular apartment is done by paying a reservation fee/ deposit/ in the amount specified in the relevant investor or owner, in which case the property shall be removed from sale and may not be offered to other potential buyers for a certain period.
The signing of the preliminary contract of sale is the next step. This preliminary contract contains the basic rights and obligations of the parties, an accurate description of the property, ways and terms of payment of the full value of the property, penalties for non-fulfillment of the obligations of the parties and the terms of the notary of the property. The contract must be in written form, notarization is not necessary. Each party to the preliminary agreement may bring an action for execution of the final contract. In this case the agreement is concluded at the moment when the decision comes into legal force.

Final contract for sale must be made in the form of a deed, certified at a notary. If you can not attend in person, you may authorize another person to represent you in the transaction. All documents are formed in Bulgarian language. Use the services of a certified translator in the process is mandatory for all non-residents. He is responsible for the translation of the law. Before the actual execution of the transaction, the notary verifies all the documents and I have met the specific requirements of the law. After signing this document , the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property. As the deed is drawn up, signed and verified, is transmitted by the notary for entry in the Registry Agency at the district court. Ready deed you get after 3 days.
Within 7 days of registration of the Deed to court, foreign individuals must be registered in the BULSTAT Registry to obtain individual identification code. Registration can be done by an authorized representative and is not required the presence of the owners.

Over the course of two months from the date of acquisition of the property owners must submit a statement for the acquisition of the property department local taxes in the municipality in whose area the property is located. Declaration is needed for the future of assessment for the property.

Costs of Notary layout:
Costs are paid by the buyer on the day of the notary transfer.The amount is determined by several components / notary fees, stamp duty, registration fee, etc. / and depends on the value of the property.
For more information about the layout of documents , do not hesitate to contact our lawyers which will be glad to answer all your questions and will help the process is to go unchallenged for you.

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